Tips for growing in a container or patio garden

If you are like most of us here in San Diego, you lack garden space. That means you have to grow in pots and containers. Well have not fear! We are here to help. Here are our top tips for helping you succeed in growing your garden out of container.

  1. Use good soil! Soil is the most important factor (aside from water) that will make or break your success. Add more than just potting soil to your pots. A plant cannot survive in just potting soil alone. It needs compost and organic fertilizer to be really happy. We suggest you mix half potting soil with half compost and the amount of fertilizer that is recommended by the manufacture.
  2. Why use organic fertilizer? Organic fertilizer will give your plants much more than just food. It will help to build a happy soil biology that will make your plants grow strong and stay healthier longer.
  3. Drainage is key! If your pots do not have drainage holes in them, then you will want to add them. This is because if you do not have a way for excess water to escape your plants can drown during heavy watering’s.
  4. Water frequently! When a plant is in a pot, it will dry out a lot quicker than it will if it is in a large pot of in the ground. This is because there is little soil to hold extra moisture. You can use things like mulch or moss to try and keep the moisture in the soil longer.
  5. Choose varieties correctly. When choosing your plants, its best to purchase varieties that are known to grow small or compact to make the most out of your patio growing. This means determinate or bush varieties of tomatoes are best for container growing since they need little support and tend to be very compact.
  6. Place the pots in the appropriate spot. A perk of growing in a pot is that you can move the pot around. Keep in mind that veggies are full sun and require 6-8 hours of light to really thrive. Keep that in mind when you decide where to place your veggies and herbs.

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