Micro-greens, Brassica Mix


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Classic Microgreen mix of  kale, chard and seasonal greens.

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 This Brassica mix has cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli seeds. Grown to one to three inches tall, the flavor is intensely brassica like.

Micro-greens allow gardeners to enjoy the flavors of their favorite greens in a few weeks. By harvesting the greens when they are only weeks old, you can grow micro-greens to add to salads, health shakes and more.


Recommended planting requirements: Sow seeds by broadcasting in a shallow planting tray. Can be growing in doors in a kitchen window.  Allow microgreens to get a few inches tall, then simple cut with scissors and enjoy in your favorite dishes.

Classic Mix includes: Broccoli, cabbage, califlower


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