Peas, Sugar Ann


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These perfect, crisp and sweet pods are a must in every spring garden.

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Peas-Sugar Ann

Pisum Sativum

These perfect, crisp and sweet pods are a must in every spring garden. Bred by the original breeders of Sugar Snap we all know and love!

Recommended Planting Requirements: Peas need cool weather to thrive. In Southern California planting them too early with out the protection from shade cloth can be  devastating. Plant pea seeds when soil is moist and cool weather is predicted. For San Diego this can be as late as November if hot October weather persists well into the late part of the month.

Growing Recommendation: Peas need cool weather and can be grown when there is stable cool weather. For prolonged harvest secession planting is recommended. When warm weather hits, water regularly and mulch to keep soil cool and retain moisture. Prevent and control aphids.

Harvesting & Storage: Harvesting your peas at the right time is very important to insure quality and flavor. Checking your plant regularly for mature pods will not only keep the plant producing but will ensure that peas are not left to over mature and become starchy. Remove pods carefully as to no damage the plant. Peas can be kept in a cool dry place until unused.


Soil Temperature: 40-85°F
Planting Depth: ¼”
Days to Germination: 6-17
Days to Maturity: 55-120
Height at Maturity: NA
Lighting Requirements: Full Sun
Spacing: 6”







Package weight: 30 Seeds

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