Pepper, Habanero Scotch Bonnet ORGANIC


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Bring the heat with this adorable orange round chili known as the habanero! Chili lovers are attracted to the flavor of this pepper that packs in 100 times more heat than a jalapeno.

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Pepper – Habanero

Capsicum annuum

Bring the heat with this adorable orange round chili known as the habanero! With more than 100 times more heat than a jalapeno, it’s really the flavor that chili lovers want from this pepper.

Suggested Planting Requirements:
Peppers require deeply worked, well-drained soil with plenty of added organic matter and a pH of 6.0-6.8. Do not over water as this encourages diseases.

Growing Recommendations:
Start seeds indoors 8 weeks before the last frost. Direct sowing is not recommended. Mulch for disease and weed control. Pinch all flowers until the main stalk reaches 18” for optimum support. In cooler areas, you may grow peppers in greenhouses or under cloches. Temperatures under 55°F may permanently damage peppers. Can be grown in container gardens. Stake to keep fruit off the ground.

Harvesting & Storage: Harvest the first fruits early to encourage continued production through the season. Cut; do not pull the fruit from the stems. These peppers may be harvested from the green stage through the color changes for varying flavor and texture. These peppers bring a lot of heat but can be tamed if the seeds and core are cut out of pepper. Great roasted and added to any salsa or dish that needs a fiery kick!

Soil Temperature:75-85°F
Planting Depth:1/4″
Days to Germination:10-15
Days to Maturity:65-75
Height at Maturity:26″-32″
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun
Spacing: 12″-24”

Package Weight: .25 gram

Approximate seed count per packet: 35 seeds 

Sows about 15′ Row (This takes into account thinning)

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