New Zealand Spinach Seeds


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Excellent alternative to spinach that is heat tolerant and last for many seasons in mild climates.

1009 in stock

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Tetragonia tetragonioides

New Zealand spinach seeds produce massive amounts of edible green leaves on one small plant! New Zealand spinach is much better suited for the warm areas of Southern California than Spinach and other crops that depend on cool, wet weather. Grown for its high nutrient content, this hardy green grows great in warmer parts of the American southwest. A prolific grower, this plant is great for food forests and naturalizing gardens. Once established it needs little care.

Recommended planting requirements: This plant forms long runners that can carpet an area quickly. Manage the plant carefully. Grows in a wide range of soils and even can grow in saline soils. Plant in cool-season for the easiest establishment of the plants. Once the plant outgrows the area, trim back to keep nice and tidy. This is a great crop to grow for chicken feed. Heat tolerant.

Growing Requirements: Plant in a semi-permanent bed for food forests. This crop can live for many seasons in moderate climates. This crop is very easy to start from direct sowing the seed. Large odd-shaped seed sprouts easily. If desired, seeds can be started in 4″ pots and transplanted out.

Harvest and Storage: New Zealand Spinach can be harvested as needed by cutting leaves from the plant. Sauteing, wilting, and many other cooking applications can be used for this versatile garden green.

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Soil Temperature:30-75
Planting Depth:1/2″
Days to Germination:5-22
Days to Maturity:50-60+
Height at Maturity:NA
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun









Latin Name: Tetragonia tetragonioides

Package Weight: 5 grams

Approximately 65 seeds per pack.

Plants about a 30′ bed, this takes into account thinning.

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