Poppy, California Orange


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This beautiful california poppy has stuning orange flowers that bloom during the cooler season.

324 in stock

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This beautiful California poppy has stunning orange flowers that bloom during the cooler season.

Poppy- California Orange

Eschscholzia californica

Recommended planting requirements: This cool-season flower crop is relatively fuss free. It can be grown in poor soil.  Once established, they will return year after year by self reseeding.

Growing Recommendations: Broadcast seeds to fill in empty spaces in the garden. Plant in full sun during cool seasons.  Will reseed. For continual production, prune dead stems.

Soil Temperature:55-65
Planting Depth:Broadcast
Days to Germination:14-21+
Days to Maturity:55-65+
Height at Maturity:12-18″
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun

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