Borage, Common


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This beautiful flower does great in many of San Diego’s areas. Blue blooms with edible leaves and flowers.

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Borage, Common

Borago officinalis

If you are not growing borage in your garden, you are missing out! Borage is a beautiful plant with a wide range of uses. Flowers and leaves are edible, the bees love the plant and it can grow in most microclimates of Southern California.

Suggested Planting Requirements:  Grown in San Diego’s cool seasons but can grow well into the warmer months, it can be directly sown in full sun.

Growing Recommendations:  Borage can be grown in relatively poor soil but responses well to small additions of compost and fertilizer. To prolong the blooming period, prune dead blooms.

Harvesting & Storing: You can simply harvest the flowers to make beautiful bouquets. Blooms can also be used as a herbal remedy.

Soil Temperature: 65-85°F
Planting Depth: 1/4″
Days to Germination: 7-14+
Days to Maturity: 45-55+
Height at Maturity: 1-2′
Lighting Requirements: Full Sun
Spacing: 12-18″

Package Weight: 1 gram

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