Peas, Green Arrow

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These cool-season peas have ever producing pods of about 4 inches. The tasty pods can have many seeds per pod giving you a large harvest. An English staple and a great market variety, this peas is a must have in your garden.

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Garden Peas- Green Arrow

Pisum sativum

Recommended Planting Requirements: Loose well-drained soil is the best for peas. Since peas are part of the Fabaceae family, they can fix their own nitrogen and therefore do not need a lot of fertilization. Organic matter can be added for a healthier harvest.

Growing Recommendation: Peas need cool weather and can be grown when there is stable cool weather. For prolonged harvest secession planting is recommended.

Harvesting & Storage: Harvesting your peas at the right time is very important to ensure quality and flavor. Checking your plant regularly for mature pods will not only keep the plant producing but will ensure that peas are not left to over mature and become starchy. Remove pods carefully as to no damage the plant. Peas can be kept in a cool dry place until used.

Soil Temperature:40-85°F
Planting Depth:¼”
Days to Germination:6-17
Days to Maturity:65-75+
Height at Maturity:NA
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun







Package weight: 30 Seeds

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  1. Megan Garcia

    This is my first experience growing shelling peas. I grew about 4-5 plants. Winter has been unusually cold in Escondido, so I shouldn’t speak to maturity time as my regular variety of snow peas took over a month longer than usual to mature. These green arrow plants grew just over 7 feet tall, much taller than I expected. They set a lot of pods, which do not mature all at once, meaning even without succession planting you can still extend your harvest. Off my 4-5 plants I harvest enough for about 1 cup of shelled peas at a time, every week or so. My plants aren’t done producing yet but I might have to pull them to make space soon, so I’m reviewing now. The peas are extremely tasty right out of the garden, or blanched for 60 seconds. I never added any fertilizer, and they didn’t seem to need it. They trellis themselves with no help, and I’ve had no issues with any kind of insects or disease. Super low maintenance up until the shelling part ?

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