Cauliflower, Romanesco


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This striking lime-green cauliflower has pointed, spiraled pinnacles that form amazing heads. It will wow every gardener!

78 in stock

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Cauliflower, Romanesco

Brassica oleracea botrytis

This is probably the most popular and most recognizable cauliflower out there. It has amazing shaped heads that form to be beautiful pieces of artwork and wow any gardener. Grow yours today!

Recommending planting requirements: The best for cauliflowers is to grow rapidly with little interruption. To do this ensure your soil is loose, well-drained with added organic matter.

Growing Recommendations: Cauliflower needs plenty of space and moisture. Keeping the soil moist is a must.

Harvesting & Storage: You can harvest cauliflower as soon as the heads are large enough for use.  You can store heads in a cool place like a refrigerator or root cellar for weeks.  Washing only before you will prevent premature rot.

Soil Temperature:45-85
Planting Depth:¼”
Days to Germination:5-10
Days to Maturity:50-70+
Height at Maturity:NA
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun









Package Weight: .25 gram

Approximate seed count per pack: 50 seeds

Area to sow: Approximately 75″ bed (this takes into account thinning)


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