These varieties do great in containers and small garden spaces.

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    Compact beneficial plant with small pink flowers.
  • Compact beneficial plant with small pink flowers.
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    A spicy and complex flavored arugula.
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    This heirloom bean variety was debuted in 1885 and has stuck around for good reason. A prolific and meaty variety of bush bean.
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    This heirloom Pole variety is tasty.  It has long, round and stingless pods with a tender texture.  They can be used fresh, shelled, and dried
  • Bean, Royal Burgundy

    This heirloom bush variety is a reliable producer with stunning deep purple beans. It has long, round and stingless pods with a tender texture. They can be used fresh, shelled, and dried. The flowers are just as gorgeous!
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    This heirloom bean variety is a pole bean that is grown just as much for it's gorgeous red flowers as for it's beans.  Grow it up a fence or arbor and you will be amazed at the beauty it creates! A must have in every garden.
  • This early producing variety has deep red and purple leaves with dark red bulbs. This particular beet is grown just as much for those colorful leaves as they are for the dark centers. A great short season choice.
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    This heirloom variety is a knockout with its beautiful  gold color and mild flavor. Globes reach 2" across.
  • This open-pollinated purple variety has many valuable characteristics. Small, compact heads form quickly and neatly giving tasty produce.
  • Every garden needs Calendula. It's golden, yellow flowers are both medicinal and beautiful! Bees and butterflies love it too!
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    Cosmic Purple carrots have a subtle, spicy-sweet flavor. This variety was developed by Dr. Philip Simon and staff at the USDA ARS in Madison, Wisconsin in 2005. This beautiful variety has bright purple skin that contrasts beautifully with yellow-orange flesh.
  • A Japanese carrot with great qualities for home and market gardeners. Great for juicing too!  
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    This ultra sweet baby carrot is tiny and perfect for snacking and cooking.
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    Did you know carrots come in all shapes and sizes? These are a Parisian favorite and round! Shallow roots grow well in heavy soils.
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    Carrot, Scarlet Nantes

    This annual can be grown year round in Southern California. Ready in only 65-75 days, this finely flavored carrot does well as a bunching carrot and as a storage carrot.
  • This garden giant will surprise kids and adult alike with the size that it can grow to. The flavor is just as lovable as the size and it is a kitchen essential! Chard – Rainbow Beta vulgaris Packed full of vitamins and nutrients, this large...
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    This perennial herb is essential to every home garden.
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    Cucumber, Lemon

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    These cucumbers break out of the ordinary with round yellow fruit that is sweet and tender. Excellent in salads or just slicing and munching! Normal-sized vines yield heavily and for an extended amount of time.
  • Cucumber, National Pickling

    This cucumber is grown for pickle lovers with high yield and early fruits. Dark green fruit can be picked from small to the largest at 5”-6” inches. Resistant to scab and cucumber mosaic virus.
  • Eggplant, Long Purple

    Eggplant - Long Purple Eggplant Solanum melongena An Italian Heirloom with a long slender shape. This eggplant is richer and milder than most, pleasing the pickest of eggplant lovers!. With few seeds and thin skin, this is a great eggplant to...
  • Tropical milkweed or sometimes called bloodflower is an eye-catching plant that produces bright flowers of red, orange and yellow.  This plant provides a valuable source of nutrition for monarch butterflies and their caterpillars. Plant bloodflower in your garden and you are sure to see the amazing yellow and black striped caterpillars (larvae) that are the first stages of the monarch butterfly. Monarchs will lay eggs on the milkweed plant in March and April. Once the eggs hatch the caterpillars will consume huge portions of the milkweed plant as they prepare to turn into the monarch butterfly.  
  • Gaillardias are wonderful plants that produce a massive amount of starry blooms in variations of colors. Planting Gaillardia in the garden will add a kaleidoscope of color that bees and beneficial insects will love.  
  • This siberian kale is small, compact and perfect for growing in small places. This leafy green is nutritious and essential to every garden. Sauté or wilt to improve flavor giving it a mild finish.

  • This variety of Kale is the most commonly used. This leafy green is nutritious and essential to every garden. Sauté or wilt to improve flavor giving it a mild finish. Kale-Lacinato Brassica Oleracea Finely curled leaves are produced...