Our History And Quality

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Who is San Diego Seed Company?

San Diego Seed Company is Southern California’s only local urban seed producer. We grow and harvest our seeds right here in San Diego. We believe that your seeds should come from the same microclimates that you intend to grow them in, so that they can be the happiest and healthiest plants you have ever grown. Our seeds are NON-GMO, naturally grown heirloom seeds. We carefully harvest seeds from only the most bountiful and beautiful plants. These seeds are harvested by hand and packaged with love right here in America’s finest City.

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Our Seed Quality

“We do not sell conventional seeds,
we sell seeds of passion and patience.”

San Diego Seed Company

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Check out what makes our seed different and the many wonderful organizations that San Diego Seed Company supports.

“It’s our responsibility to promote living a healthly lifestyle through growing your own food and saving seeds.”

San Diego Seed Company

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Flowers play a big part in defending your garden.

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