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Considered a fast-growing micro-green you can get a crop in as quick as 15 days!

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Brassica oleracea

Considered a fast-growing micro-green you can get a crop in as quick as 15 days!

Micro-greens are a great way to provide nutritious and beautiful food in a small space.

Suggested Planting Requirements: Growing micro-greens is easiest and best in a protected culture like a greenhouse.  You can also grow in a protected covered tray.

Growing Recommendations:  Micro-greens do best in sterile propagation mix but also can be grown in a potting mix. Growing in a potting mix can increase the likelihood of soil-borne diseases that can affect germination.  Sowing heavily will create micro-greens that are eaten in the cotyledon stage, whereas more lightly sown seeds will be allowed to get a bit bigger. We recommend you sow lighter and succession plant as much as you can so that you can always have fresh micro-greens. Just like sprouting any seeds, you must keep seeds moist during germination.  Watering gently is important to not wash away small seeds.  If planting media has fertilizer, no need to add additional nutrients.  If planting media is sterile, add a diluted organic water-soluble fertilizer after sprouting.

Harvesting & Storage: Harvest like any salad greens. Simply cut the desired amount, wash and enjoy!

Soil Temperature:65-75°F
Planting Depth:Broadcast
Days to Germination:7-14+
Days to Maturity:14-25+
Height at Maturity:1-2″
Lighting Requirements:Part Shade to Full Sun


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