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Local seed production has an overwhelming number of benefits.


Local seed production has an overwhelming number of benefits. Here is just a few. 1.Local seed production increases genetic diversity of food crops with traits that are advantageous to local growing conditions. By producing seeds in the very place that they are intended to be grown, the food crops can

Local seed production has an overwhelming number of benefits.2017-08-27T23:45:28-07:00

What’s an Heirloom to You?


What is an heirloom? What is an heirloom? This term can bring mystery and confusion to many gardeners. More than once even we, the owners of San Diego Seed Company, have been left scratching our heads at the perplexity regarding this issue.When searching the internet or any garden resource,

What’s an Heirloom to You?2017-07-09T20:44:31-07:00

Top Reasons to Start Gardening Today


Top Reasons to Start Gardening Today. We all have hopes and expectations for the new year, but according to popular surveys, most of us want one thing... to better our health. We have the solution, gardening! Most of you who receive our newsletter are avid gardeners. We hope that each

Top Reasons to Start Gardening Today2017-07-09T20:38:25-07:00

Holiday Craft Time: Seed Paper


MATERIALS: Screen: 8 jumbo craft sticks; White craft glue 12x12” piece of window screen; and Electrical tape. Pulp: Recycled of paper; Water; Organic seeds; Blender; 13x9” baking pan; Kitchen towels and a sponge. INSTRUCTIONS: Screen Instructions: 1. Glue 4 craft sticks together at each end to make a

Holiday Craft Time: Seed Paper2017-07-09T20:34:33-07:00

Genetically Modified Confusion


Genetically Modified Confusion. Genetically Modified Organisms is a term that has many scratching their heads. Our website gives an overview of what we think it means. "GMOs are organisms whose genome has been altered by the techniques of genetic engineering. This involves mutation, insertion or deletion of genes to create

Genetically Modified Confusion2017-07-09T20:40:10-07:00

Dealing with Pests?


Dealing with Pests? Have you found something else forraging in your garden this cool season getting to eat before you? Don't be discouraged! Check out San Diego Seed Company's Integrated Pest Management page to understand the best organic method to live harmoniously with the little guys. What is Integrated Pest management?

Dealing with Pests?2017-07-09T20:43:33-07:00

Juice it!


We LOVE to juice! Look for us in the upcoming Winter Beverage issue of Edible San Diego discussing the best veggies to grow for fresh juice. Not only is it exceptionally nutritious, juicing is a great way to use up your bumper crops. We even juice other less desirable

Juice it!2017-07-09T20:45:24-07:00
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