Alyssum, White


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Compact beneficial plant with small white flowers.

265 in stock

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This beautiful border plant has tiny white flowers with a sweet scent. Great as a border plant, this adorable plant will happily re-seed and spread throughout the garden. It’s a no-fuss ornamental that is often the first to bloom in a winter/spring garden. It can thrive in a range of conditions from the full sun on the coast to partial shade inland. Typically an annual in harsher climates, in southern California and mild winter areas, will perennialize.

Alyssum- White

Recommending planting requirements: This cool-season flower crop is relatively fuss-free and can grow in poor soil. Keep soil moist to get guarantee good germination.

Growing Recommendations: Use as a border flower to protect crops and fill in empty spaces in the garden. Plant in full sun during cool seasons or in shade during warm seasons. Will reseed. Prune dead stems for continuous production.

Soil Temperature:45-85
Planting Depth:Broadcast
Days to Germination:5-10
Days to Maturity:30-40+
Height at Maturity:NA
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun

Package Weight: .5 gram (about 100 seeds)


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