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Cabbage, All Season


This durable cabbage produces wonderfully under less than ideal conditions. All-Season Cabbage is a great cabbage for Southern California and can produce well in warm winters. Medium-sized heads.

Cabbage, All Season2020-07-11T11:48:17-07:00

Fall and Winter Gardening in Southern California


Fall and Winter Gardening in Southern California Fall and Winter Gardening in Southern California For most new gardeners who are growing their first fall or winter gardens in Southern California, it can be confusing what to plant and when. To make matters even more confusing, our weather patterns in Southern California can

Fall and Winter Gardening in Southern California2020-06-24T13:28:43-07:00

Who’s digging in my garden?


Who’s digging in my garden? Before you can start to protect your garden you first have to find out who is digging in your garden! Identify the pests that cause the damage by looking at the various holes and mounds they make. It’s kind of like being able to identify animal

Who’s digging in my garden?2019-11-03T14:58:06-08:00

The 6 Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Your Home Garden


The 6 Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Your Home Garden There are so many reasons to start a garden at home. You can save money and have fresh vegetables (which are higher in nutrients than what you get from the supermarket). No yard? No problem! Many vegetables can be grown in

The 6 Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Your Home Garden2019-10-16T09:33:44-07:00

Broccoli, Waltham 29 ORGANIC


This sturdy variety is grown for is side shoots and large heads that form on easy to harvest stocks. Heads can reach 6-7" in size and continue to produce side shoots after the main head is harvested.  This broccoli is widely adapted, drought tolerant and a great selection to grow for a fall crop.  The

Broccoli, Waltham 29 ORGANIC2020-07-09T06:17:15-07:00

Grower’s Library


Grower's Library Read our Growers Library to learn basic to advanced gardening techniques and tips! How to Prune Tomatoes for Production To fully understand how or if you should prune your tomatoes, you need to understand the three types of tomatoes. Determinate tomatoes are tomatoes

Grower’s Library2020-01-14T14:27:54-08:00

Summer Savory Seeds


Summer Savory seeds produce a hearty annual herb that adds a kick and spice to many dishes. When people ask how we make our amazing savory soup stocks and other dishes, the answer is always herbs! Our favorite? Savory! This herb has a complex flavor that adds savory and spicy hints to any meal.

Summer Savory Seeds2020-07-10T19:07:13-07:00

Onion, Tokyo


We trialed these on our farm the winter fall/winter if 2018 and were wonderfully surprised!  They grew quickly and to a stunning size of 2"-3" in diameter.  Great mild flavor.

Onion, Tokyo2020-07-07T09:56:27-07:00

SDSC Gardening Supplies List


From Our Seeds and Their Keepers: A Collection of Stories Seed to Seed is a complete seed-saving guide that describes specific techniques for saving the seeds of 160 different vegetables. Read More This book contains detailed information about each vegetable, including its botanical classification, flower structure and means of

SDSC Gardening Supplies List2018-11-08T14:28:17-08:00

Plant Seeds Now for Winter Garden


Plant Seeds Now for Winter Garden August in the garden in San Diego can be a misleading time. It is hot and sometimes muggy. The tomatoes are looking amazing. The melons are ripening.  For most inexperienced gardeners, it’s a bit of a time warp. It feels as though summer will continue

Plant Seeds Now for Winter Garden2018-08-20T13:58:54-07:00

Geek Out


Micro-Greens Info: Micro-greens are sprouted plants eaten in their very young state.  Research has shown they are more nutritious and great for growing in small spaces. In fact, some research shows, Micro-greens are four- to 40-fold more concentrated with nutrients than their mature counterparts. Learn more

Geek Out2019-10-31T15:26:09-07:00

Cool Season Planting – Don’t forget about it!


Why Grow In Cool Season? San Diego is known for the warm beaches and forever sunny days. Gardeners know San Diego as the perpetual warm season. We can grow tomatoes right up until Christmas sometimes. This is fun for those of us with family back east. Teasing them with photos of

Cool Season Planting – Don’t forget about it!2017-11-27T16:08:30-08:00

Broccoli, Early Fall Rapini


This Italian variety of broccoli produces smaller shots of broccoli heads that are great for salads and veggie dishes. With a spicier flavor than most broccoli, this early producing variety bolts much quicker than others to give you a speedy harvest.

Broccoli, Early Fall Rapini2020-03-12T12:58:04-07:00

Gardening 101


Save Your Spot Today! Coming Soon: Gardening 101 Classes Near You New to Gardening? Sign up for our Gardening 101 Class and get expert advise on how to grow successfully in San Diego. Coming Soon: Gardening 101 Classes Near You What's

Gardening 1012019-03-01T19:36:25-08:00

Broccoli, Early Purple Sprouting ORGANIC


Colorful and nutritious, this beautiful, bright purple sprouting broccoli does wonderfully in mild climates allowing it to produce sprout after sprout of broccoli goodness.

Broccoli, Early Purple Sprouting ORGANIC2020-07-10T22:33:54-07:00

Broccoli, Green Sprouting Calabrese ORGANIC


A popular market variety, this broccoli produces tight, large heads and side shoots that can be harvested for an extended period of time.  Great for container gardening.

Broccoli, Green Sprouting Calabrese ORGANIC2020-07-10T12:18:16-07:00