Why Is Local Seed Production So Important?

Sustainable agriculture is defined as the production of food or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare. In the arena of sustainable agriculture you will hear many times about organic farming practices, ecological diversity and alternative energy practices.

Not too often, unfortunately, do you hear about the important role that local seed production plays in sustainable agriculture. Here are just a few reasons why local organic seed production is a vital part of sustainability.

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“The owners are so knowledgable, the product is top of the line- locally grown, organic and harvested with the best of care, and the packaging cool. The San Diego Seed Company website is easy to navigate, so Eco friendly & has lots of great farming info!! Check it out!”

Cheryl G., San Diego Grower

“Great for classroom or kid activities to teach about growing plants. I used the seeds from San Diego Seed Company in my classroom for the kids to grow. Great deal for the money. We used egg cartoons and 2 liter bottles to make this a fun learning experience!”

Lenora C., Online Buyer

“Great seeds. So far I notice that they sprout pretty fast. I am growing these in Florida, and its about the be winter time so its a nice cool temperature outside usually around 70-75 degrees. Really happy with the quality of the seeds, thanks!”

Aaron G., Online Buyer

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